A friend for life : TORI

Name: ELECTRA, nickname TORI
Race P.R.E.
Age : 7 years
Stockmaß 164 cm
Dressur Freizeit Vielseitigkeit Zucht
Weitere Merkmale
Platz vor Preis
ist geländesicher
ist verladefromm


Tori was born in 2008 in France in a stud for Spanish horses. She grew up in the herd with other foals.

With 5 years she has been gently ridden by Nicolas Brodziak, a well-known show riders in France: www.nicolasbrodziak.com. At the long reins she goes fearlessly past all obstacles and is by its soft gaits a pleasure for long rides!

In addition, she was also trained in dressage and actively ridden 3-4 times a week in the riding school, in addition to their rides, including regular monitoring with their trainers. Easy to ride, with a lot of forward momentum, but easy to orentieren. Willing to learn and simple, it is both alone and accompanied in forests and fields!

The extraordinary thing about this mare is not only her beautiful appearance, her calm charisma, but especially her dear character ... on the pasture it is every time the first that comes to greet and no longer differs from the side. So she was already a small foal and it will always be very close to man ...!

And can ride you the mare in Itzig, near Luxembourg City. Please call on 00352 2636 0801!

Quiet and Confortable : SHANDI

Name of the horse: SHANDI
Race: Appaloose-Paint
Age: januari 2011
Hauter garrot: cm


The young mare grew up at the Lassie premises within a group of horses. Therefore she well knows dogs, cats, horses and is used to be around people as well.

Aged 4, she was broken in and started western riding as well as English riding, she is used to ride out on her or within a group.

She would suit an inexperienced or a child as well, as she has a very calm and easy character!

Price: 5.500 Euros

And can be seen and rided in Itzig, near Luxembourg City. Please call on 00352 2636 0801!

Western : BOB

Name of the horse: BH golden Enterprice
Nicknamed : Bob
Race: Bob – Quarter Horse, Palomino
Born in : North Carolina, USA
Age: mars 1995
Hauter garrot: cm


BH golden Enterprice, has been imported into Europe when he was aged one year. Since then, he has been to many championships, mainly in Germany and Italy. He was present as a helping horse with the cows and reining was his speciality: spins and 12m long sliding stops were his job.

With his gentle and a bit timid character, he would suit with a person who could deal gently with him. Always having a perfect behaviour and knowing his job, he is adopting to all levels of rider and ideal for walks in the woods!!

And can be seen and rided in Itzig, near Luxembourg City. Please call on 00352 2636 0801!

Monday, January 25, 2021

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